Web Hosting Services

Web Hosting Services and website design services. Let us know if you are in need of a powerful professional website. You will also need a powerful lightning fast web hosting service. We can give you the best pricing when it comes to creating and building your site. Launching your site live on the web is a very important time of anyone’s life. It means you are taking advantage of the web presence. Every business today should have something up there, even a page with your business information. Nothing beats your own website on the web.

You may create or do whatever you need and want on your site. There are no restrictions except all has to be legal of course. We want to keep all your doings very legal here on your website’s.

Creating Websites

Steps to creating a website if buying a web hosting account:

Register your domain name. Register and create a web hosting account. You will need to pay yearly for your domain name and the web hosting account. This is a must when you want to be the sole owner of the website and your accounts. Once you have the domain name and web hosting ready; you can create your website by designing it yourself or hiring a webmaster. A webmaster is who designs and builds your website. If for some reason you need a webmaster, you can hire us for that.

Yes we can design you a professional top of the line website at the best affordable rates. Contact us for a quote. If you need to purchase a web hosting and a domain name account, please visit sjmwebhosting.com. We have partnered with them and our system’s work together as one.

Second Option to own your site (No need to purchase a web hosting account):

Just pay a monthly fee and you can have everything available as option 1. Register a domain name if you want; if not you will use a sub domain name. A sub domain account can also give you a good option for a website. It is a lot cheaper to own but you don’t have access to the CPanel. With your own web hosting you can make changes on a CPanel account. With this option you only get a admin panel of your website. This is enough sometimes when you want to save money and don’t have the need for a large upscale website.

You may also purchase a domain name and map it linking it to your sub domain name. Here is a example: this website is a sub domain website but mapped with a domain name. You will never know if I didn’t tell you right? Go and check it out sjmsigns.com. We will help you all the way with all the configurations if you purchase option 2 for your new website.

If for some reason you don’t need a domain name, then you can have something like this. You have many different options on your new or existing websites. We are here to help you all the way, we have graphic designers and webmasters ready to help you on all your website needs. Whatever you need, we can definitely help you.

Please view our plan’s here and choose the best one when you have decided.


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