WordPress Email Errors

WordPress Email Errors

WordPress Email Errors, it is frustrating when errors and problems on a website. Especially if your contact form is not sending. I had to spend hours in fixing this issue about 2 or 3 days ago and today I finally fixed.

It was a simple click fix but hours of find and correcting the issue. That is why I am writing about it here maybe it can help someone out there. It will also stay recorded for my usage and so I don’t forget about it. The contact form did not send for my entire site and we need to have everything working properly. This way you might lose any questions or concerns that a client might have.

Diagnosing WordPress Errors

I diagnosed by my error text on my root folders and the issue was not fixed there. I diagnosed by deactivating all plugins and themes and nothing. Still the same and is very frustrating because you want to fix as soon as possible. I went ahead and and checked the Captcha settings. Yes, the Captcha setting had a different keys so I replaced with the correct ones. Sometimes this could happen because you can get confused with many other different sites or maybe you update the keys or create a new account?

Not sure how that happened but the Captcha keys were wrong. That did not solve the issue, I tested the contact form and still the same error. I went ahead on the CPanel and went straight the the PHP Version. I had 7.4 PHP version for this site, I downgraded to 5.6 and boom! That was it, the contact form works again. Incredible right? Yes the PHP version is very important that it can be compatbile with your website file and PHP. Plus WordPress need sto work perfectly with a PHP version.

PHP WordPress Version

If you have no idea what PHP version on a website is, please go ahead o Google and type in (What is PHP version on a WordPress site?). Read more about it and make sure you have the correct settings or your site will not work correctly. Here are some issues of my step so you can get an idea of the error and fix process.

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